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We work hard. We are relentless. We are passionate and knowledgeable and willing to work in different constellations and teams. We take the lead but are also loyal team players that understand that the greatest strength comes from being a unified force making sure everyone’s ability is fully released

- where the sum is greater than the parts."



At OXE Marine we are driven by the ambition to transform the outboard industry, impacting the journey towards a more sustainable and ecologically positive marine environment. It all started with an idea, a sketch on a napkin. It continued with a great drive of knowledge, passion and will, to create durable, safe and reliable products. Our products already today significantly reduce the environmental impact and fuel consumption – savings above 50% are common. Those are the facts. This is what once attracted me to join the company. A truly unique product with great potential, and some truly unique individuals as colleagues.


We are the team that has developed and produced the world´s first high-performance diesel outboard engine. We were founded in Sweden in 2012 and since then prototyped and launched several versions and product ranges. We are now taking the next steps in our development, and earlier in 2022 made our first transaction with the merger of Diesel Outboard in the USA, creating a footprint and organization also in the USA giving us direct access to the US market and excellent future potential.


Today, we are a global team of highly dedicated individuals who share a passion for developing high-performance outboards. Just as each part is critical to the performance of our outboard engines each person at OXE Marine is critical to the performance of our global team. We understand that no company is stronger than the people working in it and based on this we want to find persons that share our ambition, drive and willingness to commit to creating something unique – both in terms of products but also as a team, and organization.

If you want to be part of something larger, want to be part of creating the future of the marine industry, and are willing to really go beyond “a normal job” – then reach out to us as we are interested in getting in touch with you. We are interested in You and want a diverse team with different backgrounds and experiences.


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